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Hello my dear viewer, I am Somnath, creator of Toonbaba. I
write stories for young and old children. I am a graphics designer.
I live in Balasore district of Odisha. I love writing stories and telling
stories. You can never have enough stories for kids.
I have a busy day job, but I enjoy writing in my spare time,
Especially jokes. This website gives you Hindi stories, jokes,
biography, facts and entertainment segments. I write stories in it
and also do pictures. The person reading the story can enjoy it. In
this, an audio command has been given to listen to the additional
story. With which the children can narrate the story without
reading the story.
This site is a combination of two great interests – storytelling
and the web. I really hope this is a useful resource on the web for
anyone looking for good quality classic and well written stories for
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and all the great new
stories to read for kids. Please subscribe to receive daily updates
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